Father’s Day is often synonymous with backyard cookouts, gifts, cards and large family gatherings. Honoring your father or a father figure means celebrating the role this important person has played in your life. It can be a sentimental day where we slow down and consider the gift this person has been in our lives. But if your father is in hospice care, Father’s Day can take on even more significance. You may believe the day will be filled with sadness and unease. But truly capturing this day will be a gift to your dad and all those who love him. Here are five ways to celebrate Father’s Day when your dad is on hospice.

Live in the Moment. Focus your energy on really remaining in the moment. Don’t sacrifice this time together by dwelling on what might happen in the future. Thinking about the future has no value on this day — it will only rob you of the time you have together right now. You have this day — live it fully. Capture every moment.

Say What’s in Your Heart. When we know our time with a loved one is finite, it gives us the opportunity to express our love. You don’t have to be mushy — your choice of words and expressions can be true to who you are and the relationship you have with your loved one. It’s simply about expressing what’s in your heart so you’re not left wishing later that you had said more. Take this opportunity to let them know what they meant to you. It is a gift to have the chance to do so.

Gather Loved Ones. Celebrate his life! The last Father’s Day provides you the opportunity to gather family and friends together to celebrate your dad and the impact he has had. It gives those who love him the chance to share this special time with him and express their gratitude for having him in their lives while he is still here. It gives your dad the gift of having time with those who are important to him. It’s a precious day that is not about mourning but about celebrating and honoring your dad’s life.

Bucket List It. Ask your dad what is important to him. What does he love that he misses? Did he enjoy fishing? Did he always attend a local sporting event? Was he always a fan of the theater? Is there anyone he would want to see again? Include your hospice team in any planning; they can often assist as well as ensure you choose an appropriate activity for his state of health and well-being. Doing an activity together that he loves allows you to bond in the moment as well as build a precious memory for tomorrow.

It’s About Quality of Life. Hospice care improves quality of life — physically, emotionally, spiritually. Hospice care focuses on helping patients live more fully in the time that remains. Help your dad live this Father’s Day as fully as possible.

Celebrating Father’s Day when Dad is on hospice can be enriching. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate and express the role our fathers have played in our lives. When time becomes limited, Father’s Day carries even more impact. It’s important to grab this precious day as fully as you can, despite his illness. Celebrating will empower your dad and all those who love him to regain what really matters — time together to focus on the beauty of his life.

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