For nearly 25 years, Roze Room Hospice has stayed true to its founding principles of delivering patient-focused, dignified, quality care to those who are challenged by Serious illnesses.

Our drive, commitment and determination has never wavered. A lot has changed over our two decades of caring. We have become an integral part of the communities we serve. We are the first choice for many seeking hospice or palliative care. We have reached new communities and developed innovative care processes.  We understand that with greater community visibility come even greater responsibilities.

After almost of a quarter of a century, we decided to update our image to capture what we have established, achieved and hope to achieve in the future. Our new logo strengthens our ability to communicate our profound impact – our ability to enrich lives and encircle those we care for in strength, support, compassion and love.

We may have a new look, but we will always be the same at heart.

We are proud to introduce our new website and new logo. We expanded our website to provide additional resources and information to our patients, families and communities we serve.

About Our New Logo

The Roze Room logo is a blooming rose encompassed by a circle. The mark holds deep symbolism of the care, compassion and hope we bring to our patients and families who entrust us with their care. The rose is in full bloom, representing our desire to improve quality of life and help our patients rise above their illness to live as fully as possible. The circle speaks to the multi-faceted care we offer (body, mind and spirit) as well as our encircling the patient and family with support, compassion and love – so they no longer stand alone. The circle peaking over the rose and rising upward represents the renewed hope of living one’s remaining moments in dignity and peace while surrounded by loved ones.