Veteran Services

Veterans experience unique challenges when facing advanced illness at end of life. The years of physical and emotional stresses placed on veterans throughout their career of service is significant. The toll it takes on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health becomes more evident as they approach end of life. For veterans facing the end-of-life journey, the emotional and psychosocial issues that they experience are among the most difficult of challenges.

Roze Room Hospice provides care specifically designed to meet the complex needs of veterans at end of life.

  • We focus on providing the support and understanding they deserve
  • Our care is tailored to address veterans’ unique end of life needs
  • We ensure veterans gain the comfort, dignity and sense of control that can enrich their quality of life
  • Veteran volunteers and team members ensure care is delivered in a relationship of shared experience and understanding
  • Our specialized counseling helps veterans navigate complex emotions that often return at end of life to regain peace and acceptance
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