Family & Caregiver Support

Family & Caregiver Support

Roze Room provides exceptional care, support and solutions for those living with a serious or a terminal illness and the families who care for them. When you invite us to care for your family, we will bring compassion, understanding, and a deep level of commitment delivered along with expert care and comprehensive support, all focused on enhancing comfort and improving the quality of life.

You may feel like illness is impacting every aspect of life for both you and your family. But you do not have to face this alone. We are here to provide relief, support, answers, and more comforting days.

Our supportive caregiving team includes: extra care and attention from our hospice physician; nurses expertly trained in pain control and symptom management; hospice aides to help with personal care; spiritual counselors for spiritual support; volunteers for friendly visits, social workers offering family support and education, and many others whose skills and commitment combine to provide a complete 24 hour support system to you and your family. We will also help you understand what is happening now and what to expect next.

Your loved one’s illness not only affects their life, but you and your family’s life. Roze Room provides the support you need to help you navigate the role of being a caregiver. You do not have to face this alone. We can help guide you through.

We share the care.

  • Volunteers spend time with your loved one so you can run an errand or just take a break.
  • Guidance and resources arm you with the knowledge you need
  • Connection to community support and resources when you need more options
  • Education about your loved one’s disease so you know what to expect and how to prepare for the days ahead
  • A team of compassionate caregivers that listen and understand when you just need someone to talk
  • An extra layer of support and help from our CHHAs with practical caregiving, such as bathing, grooming and feeding.

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If you are living with a serious illness or caring for someone who is, we are here for you, wherever you are, whenever you need us.