Improving End of Life Care for Your Residents

We know how much your residents mean to you, let us add an extra layer of support and work alongside you to enrich the time they have left. Roze Room can support your efforts to provide better end of life care to your residents while improving their quality of life.

We know it may be difficult to determine when hospice care may be the best option. Roze Room Hospice can visit your resident at their bedside to help determine if hospice is appropriate.

We also know that the hospice conversation with family can be difficult. When it comes time to consider the hospice option with a patient, we can have a compassionately trained hospice team member at your facility to continue the conversation you’ve initiated with your patient and their family.

Another benefit of our care is patient and family satisfaction often increase. By extending the care you deliver we can help increase patient satisfaction.

We also serve as a resource to your team as they deal with the grief that accompanies losing a resident. We’re not just here for your patients, we’re here for you.

Referrals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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Refer a Patient

Referring a hospice patient to our service is quick and simple.