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Here are a few words from our extended family – those who have enabled us to continue our mission and vision. We’re grateful to all of the families that have invited us into their lives. We honor, recognize and thank every one of you. Thank you for becoming part of our story.

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You helped us through the most difficult time in our lives. Your nurses and team of people were stupendous, not only in the task at hand, but knowing how to deal with the family, the kind words they always had to say and the way they handled the most difficult challenges. Our deepest thanks go out to all of you, we couldn’t of made it through without the Roze Room by our side.

- Debby B
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They took excellent care of my mom. They genuinely loved her. I thank God that He paired us up because He knew they would care for my mom. Don’t hesitate if you are looking for someone to take care of your loved one, this is the place. Every person I met was loving, professional, and caring. …I LOVE YOU ROZE ROOM HOSPICE.
- Denai J
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My world turned and I was frantic. I felt desperate and scared…I am truly grateful for each and every person who came to my cry for help. Each one was patient and understanding. If you are in need and don’t know what to do call Roze Room without hesitation.

- Yvette
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The entire Roze Room Hospice experience was wonderful in how they cared for my Father. In our time of extreme grief, they were our God sent strength. We would definitely use them again or refer them to family and friends whenever the need arises…What I liked most was their human side, they were empathic and honest with me about everything.

- Trudy V
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Roze Room offered the emotional and physical support in all areas during this difficult journey. My mother and I will forever be grateful to them – thank you!!!

- Monica L
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It is difficult to put in words the appreciation I have for the staff of Roze Room Hospice. I was very skeptical of the process but everyone was competent and kind. They were patient with my entire Family. They showed professionalism and compassion. My Father passed surrounded by Family and the good people of Roze Room.

- John O
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