Though we will each experience the grief of this first Mother’s Day differently, finding ways to still honor and celebrate your mom can help you find peace and comfort. Here are 5 ways to honor Mom on Mother’s Day after she has passed.

  1. Write Her a Letter. Even though we may have told someone “I love you” a million times, when they pass we wish we had said these words even more. We wish we had shared more often what they meant to us and what was in our hearts. Take comfort in knowing that she did know and that you most likely told her in a million little ways. But you can still tell her. Consider writing her a Mother’s Day letter that expresses her influence on your life, what she has meant to you and lessons she taught that still guide you today. It’s not too late to share all that she meant to you. This can be a wonderful gift to pass on to younger generations who may not have had the gift of her presence in their lives.
  2. Host a Brunch. Host a Mother’s Day brunch in her honor. Serve her favorite foods and invite friends and family. Place an empty card at each place setting and ask those attending to share a favorite memory of her. Then have each person read their memory. Fill the day with stories that share the joy and impact of her life. Remember, these memories live on and she lives on through them.
  3. Do Something She Loved. Spend the day doing something that brought her joy. Remembering a life well lived can bring tremendous comfort after a loved one has passed. You may yourself discover a new favorite place, activity or pastime. Whatever the activity is, it will connect you back to her, remind you who she was and enable you to experience, for a day, what gave her happiness.
  4. Plant Flowers. Plant a flower or tree in her memory. What was your mom’s favorite plant? Did you or another loved one bring her Mother’s Day flowers every year? Plant something special in her memory where you can see it grow. Watching the flowers bloom every spring or the tree leaves change every fall can be a sweet reminder of her year after year.
  5. Spread Her Kindness. If your mom was known for something special she did for others, honor her memory by spreading her kindness. If she donated to a charity, then donate in her name. If she would often call friends or relatives to tell them she loved them, make those calls and remind them of her love. If she volunteered, then spend a day volunteering. If she read to grandchildren, read them the same stories. Whatever she did that brought joy to others, relive those moments for her. Spreading kindness and focusing on others can make the day turn from sad and lonely to one of joy and connection. It will remind you that the love she had and the joy she gave is without end.

It will be hard to acknowledge the second Sunday in May when you have lost your mom. We hope some of these ‘5 Ways to Honor Mom on Mother’s Day After She Has Passed’ work for your lifestyle and reflect your relationship with your loved one. If none of them feel right, that’s OK. Just finding a simple way to acknowledge her memory can bring you comfort and strength.

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