Understanding when it is the right time to consider hospice care is never easy. It’s common for family members to worry that they may be giving up on their loved one by considering hospice care. But if you are caring for someone with a life-limiting illness, there may come a time when your goals change from aggressive treatment to protecting quality of life. Making the decision to choose hospice may be difficult, but in reality, hospice care can truly be a gift. So how do you know when hospice is the right choice? In this blog we share some examples of when your loved one may benefit from hospice care.

Signs It May Be Time For Hospice Care

Hospice may be a solution when:

  • Your loved one’s doctor explains that curative treatments like chemotherapy are no longer likely to help
  • Your loved one has grown tired of aggressive treatments that are no longer effective
  • Your loved one is experiencing frequent hospitalizations or trips to the ER
  • Your loved one is noticeably less active, sleeping more or spending more time in a favorite chair
  • Your loved one’s appetite is changing, leading to significant weight loss
  • Your loved one is needing more of your support for their daily needs, like bathing, grooming, eating, and using the bathroom
  • Your loved one seems more confused and less alert
  • Your loved one’s symptoms are more difficult to manage and are less controlled

How Roze Room Can Help

Caring for a loved one with a life-limiting illness can feel overwhelming. It may feel like illness is impacting every aspect of life for both you and your family. But you do not have to face this alone.

Roze Room provides exceptional care, support, and solutions for those living with a serious or a terminal illness and the families who care for them. When you invite us to care for your family, we will bring compassion, understanding and a deep level of commitment delivered along with expert care and comprehensive support, all focused on enhancing comfort and improving the quality of life. We help patients and families navigate the burdens of illness so they can live as fully as possible.

Our supportive caregiving team includes:

  • Nurses expertly trained in pain control and symptom management
  • Hospice aides to help with personal care
  • Volunteers for friendly visits
  • Social workers offering family support and education
  • Chaplains for spiritual care and guidance
  • Many others whose skills and commitment combine to provide a complete 24-hour support system to you and your family.

We are here to provide relief, support, and more comforting days. Reach out to us today for answers, support, and options.